Eden Academy profile

Offering a holistic childcare education program, Eden Academy is dedicated to fostering mindfulness in little beings from 6 weeks to school age.

Eden Academy believes that learning is much more than acquiring knowledge

That’s why they take a holistic approach to education – ensuring the overall wellbeing of each child in their care. They understand the importance of community and actively look to engage and build strong support networks for their little learners and their families.

Educational Program

Curriculum might sound like a big word for little people. But at Eden, they like to frame their days with purpose and objectives. Sometimes those objectives are a bit elusive, like ‘time on the grass’ or ‘experimenting with sounds’. Other times they’re clearer, like Yoga, dance, painting and pen skills. Either way, their curriculum ensures that the children they care for are being guided by activities that will encourage age-appropriate development under the guise of freedom and play. Going above and beyond the standards of the National Quality Framework, Eden Academy places a large focus on children’s belonging, being and becoming.

Their beautifully crafted, homely built centres are located in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.  Find a centre here.