My Clean Hamper eco-friendly cleaning products

Education Fair Exhibitor Profile: My Clean Hamper eco-friendly cleaning products

My Clean Hamper provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions tailored to enhance your lifestyle. The meticulously curated hampers, filled with 13x sustainable and effective products, transform cleaning into a joyful and health-conscious ritual. Embrace a cleaner, greener home with My Clean Hamper, where each product reflects deep environmental commitment and care.

Mirela, the founder of My Clean Hamper, brought her vision to life by creating a collection designed to simplify cleaning routines and maintain a pristine home. Each hamper is crafted with love, care, and extensive industry knowledge, offering everything needed for efficient cleaning or to be given as a thoughtful housewarming gift. Mirela also extends her expertise to commercial businesses, elevating their cleaning standards with top-notch quality control. “It’s not clean unless Mirela says it is,” perfectly reflects her dedication to excellence and health-focused living.

Join My Clean Hamper in making a positive impact on our planet. Follow My Clean Hamper on InstagramFacebook, and TikTok for exclusive offers, the latest news, and engaging content that inspires a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Share the joy of a clean home with friends and family, inviting them to explore the products and join the community. Together, let’s make every home a clean and happy space!


See them at Stand 61 at The Education Fair 2024!