Learnersaurus literacy program

Education Fair Exhibitor Profile: Learnersaurus

Whether your child is falling behind at school, has Dyslexia or another learning challenge, Learnersaurus is the complete solution to establish skills for lifelong success in literacy.

Your child shouldn’t have to struggle with their homework every night, and feel left behind in the classroom every day.

Empowering parents to support their dyslexic child is at the core of what Learnersaurus does, through:

  • A multisensory structured language approach (MSL)
  • Dyslexia education for parents and teachers
  • Courses and products for at home learning
  • Phonic-based learning
  • Face-to-face or online Learnersaurus coaches

The Learnersaurus Story

For over 30 years, Leslie Keast-Patch worked as a teacher, a learning support teacher and music specialist in schools, before specialising in literacy and dyslexia.

Leslie saw the frustration and concerns that parents and teachers endure when their intelligent and eager students continue to struggle to acquire literacy skills after several years of schooling, and more importantly the damage to self esteem and tragic waste of potential of so many children.

Through her research, experience and work with students of all ages and abilities, it was clear there was a need to create alternative learning programs to provide opportunities for literacy learning. Some children just don’t learn the way they are taught in the current school system.