Group of kids at Juice Up Groms sports camp

Education Fair Exhibitor Profile: Juiced Up Groms

Juiced Up Groms founders Cam and Chris are super passionate about the health and wellbeing of our youngest generation. They are here to inspire and empower kids to live a JUICED UP life!

Quite simply, a “JUICED UP GROM” is a happy, healthy and thriving child who is excited and pumped for life.

The Juiced Up Groms mission is to introduce children (and their families) to healthy eating and active living through fun and interactive programs.

Playing games at Juiced Up Groms

Juiced Up Groms programs include:

  • Healthy Living Shows: A high energy, entertaining and interactive 60min show about eating healthy and living life Juiced Up!
  • Outdoors ‘Fun in the Sun’ Programs: For ages 5-12 years, these exciting, high energy, outdoor sessions are sure to get the groms frothing.
  • Interactive Online Programs: Anywhere! Anytime! Feel the Juiced Up passion through the comfort of your own home.

Visit the Juiced Up Groms website to find out more.