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Education Fair Exhibitor Profile: AEIOU Sippy Downs

At AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism, they have a simple goal: to provide early intervention that enables children with autism to live their best lives. It’s how they do it that sets them apart from everybody else.

AEIOU is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity with DGR status. Established in 2005, AEIOU delivers high-quality therapy and care for children aged 2-6.

Their family-centred program meets the Guidelines for Good Practice (Roberts & Prior 2012) and supports children with autism to develop essential life skills, independence and confidence.

AEIOU is an approved NDIS provider and actively supports families as they engage with the Scheme.

Along with providing early intervention, AEIOU is committed to research and chairs the AEIOU Research and Innovation Committee. They are a founding partner of the Griffith University Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE), and a member of the Australian Autism Alliance.

AEIOU provides strong advocacy across all levels of government to raise awareness and increase the financial support for children with autism and their families.